sec-engineeringWhat do Swiss cheese and software have in common? They both have” holes”; only in the IT world they are called vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities are the gateway to compromise and vulnerability assessments close those gateways to keep intruders out.

Praetorian’s trained engineers evaluate systems to identify known and unknown security holes, insecure default settings and vulnerabilities that occur as a result of system administrator misconfigurations.

Upon gathering accurate network discovery detail and risks, Praetorian Secure prioritizes the issues and enables appropriate counter-measures to remediate and mitigate existing threats and exposure where threats manifest.

Praetorian’s vulnerability assessments typically include:

  • Assessment of all end devices for vulnerabilities
  • Review baseline configurations
  • Provide a detailed report on scanned devices with recommendations
  • Apply fixes and harden devices ( additional Service offering)

As a component to a complex security program, Praetorian Secure focuses on the primary objective of identifying all vulnerabilities to ensure accurate reporting and remediation creates a zero-breach environment for its client’s infrastructure.