processThe advantages and cost savings introduced by wireless networks create significant security risks, but proper planning and using an experienced partner can reduce the overall risk to loss of data.

Praetorian Secure executes a performance based wireless network assessment to ensure an effective and protective posture remains in place.

Poor results typically begin when a limited test framework doesn’t properly encompass the entire environment from the server-side network to every potential wireless connection that invites unauthorized persons to attack company resources.

Praetorian Secures Wireless Network Assessments are designed to improve the security position for any business, and ensures critical data remains available and confidential through the following procedures:

  • Review existing security policies
  • Review the system architecture and configuration
  • Review operational support tools and procedures
  • Interview users
  • Verify configuration of wireless devices
  • Investigate physical installation of access points
  • Identify rogue access points
  • Analyze security gaps
  • Recommend improvements

Wireless technology continues to evolve, and becomes more vulnerable with every change. Organizations must place a greater emphasis on secure wireless technology integration within traditional and virtual IT environments, and Praetorian Secure assists its clients by implementing complex wireless programs and processes into established IT Security programs.

At Praetorian, our proactive wireless security methodologies enable organizations to safely and securely control and manage Wi-Fi networks within the business environment.