Security Engineering can help you develop and maintain secure systems and applications with a consistenSecurity Engineeringt configuration baseline through security configurations based on a recognized standard (NIST, PCI DSS, DIACAP, RMF DoD IT)


Security Engineering:  What Is It?


Security engineering short definition is that security engineering is proactive approach to information security where the engineer defines threats and manufactures security solutions to guard against those threats.

The focus of security engineering revolves around the establishment and implementation of controls and practices that provide the measures to protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction.

Security Engineering goal is to insure that information and information system’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) is maintained in support of
overall mission objectives


Security Engineering Involves Choosing the Proper Technology


Praetorian Secure has the expertise to evaluate your current or planned information system or network enclave to ensure that the proper security elements are in place to meet security and compliance requirements.

Is there a compliance requirement or does proper security design dictate the purchase of a firewall, IDS/IPS, HIDs, DLP solution or spam filter?  Praetorian Secure can assist with designing in the proper security elements.

Praetorian Secure will work with your networking professionals to ensure the correct placement of the Information Assurance tool and that the proper support model is in place.

Praetorian Secure will work with your networking professionals and systems administrators to properly configure Information Assurance tools such that your organization properly protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organizations data.


There Is No Such Thing as Absolute Protection


That being stated, the proper implementation of critical system security controls will ensure that your organization is protected against the most significant attacks. Praetorian Secures systems security experts can design and implement a secure solution to help improve and protect your Information Technology system or network infrastructure.

Even the most secure system configurations can be circumvented in Information Technology (IT) environments that are poorly designed. Without carefully planned and properly implemented systems architecture, attackers might exploit specific vulnerabilities in poorly designed system security controls, maneuvering through the network to gain access
to target machines.

Implement robust and secure systems engineering process to complement the security measures implemented in IT components. Praetorian Secures security experts will design and implement a secure solution to help enhance the performance, effectiveness, and security of your IT systems.

Praetorian Secure will  ensure that this effort continue post implementation  by helping your organization further develop your Information Technology life cycle to incorporate system security fundamentals and activities in each of the life cycle phases.


Technology Continues To Evolve At a Rapid Pace


Whether your organization is developing leading-edge applications or building large-scale infrastructures, security plays a critical role in constructing systems that are resistant to cyber attacks. Security engineering integrates security into a system’s life cycle from project initiation to decommissioning.

Security Engineering Guidance




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As threats change, corporations must take a proactive and agile approach to information security.  System security engineering is an on-going process as the threats to your network are constantly changing.

Whether you are implementing a new system, building out a new network or updating an existing system or infrastructure, Praetorian Secure will provide the expertise to ensure proper security design and implementation.