governmentWith today’s global economy and ever increasing cyber threats it is more important than ever that corporations incorporate information security into its corporate security governance efforts.


Security Governance

A security governance program should have top down commitment to fuel adoption and improve internal risk reduction.  Any type of Security program that does not have the support of the whole organization is bound to fail. As IT Security and Regulatory compliance experts, Praetorian’s team delivers proven solutions to improve governance, risk and compliance through consulting support and proprietary programs to improve security.


Governance, Risk Assessment, Compliance:


Is an umbrella term covering an organization’s approach across these three areas. Governance, risk and compliance activities are increasingly being integrated and aligned to some extent in order to avoid conflicts, wasteful overlaps and gaps.


How Can We Help With Security Governance?


Praetorian has developed a Governance, Risk and Compliance program called RACE used to help companies implement appropriate security governance.  The Praetorian RACE Process encapsulates the principles of GRC to ensure your business is implementing appropriate security measures and protecting assets.  The process is explained in the diagram below.


Security Governance Praetorian Secure RACE


If Security governance is looked at as a business success objective then the processes will have objectives and constant review. Praetorian Secure can instill objectives such as:

  • Annual security reviews
  • Periodic risk assessment
  • Periodic threat and risk assessments
  • Periodic vulnerability assessments
  • Create and maintain security policies and security procedures based on risk and best security practices
  • Establish Security management structure
  • Create security for networks, facilities and systems
  • Provide Security awareness training
  • Create regular test plans
  • Create procedures for remediation and incident response
  • Give direction on automated tools to help monitor your environment