Threat Management solutions protect organizations from breaches, data loss, and malware attacks with a single, integrated solution that manages multiple layers of security defense. A single solution simplifies security operations and management operations of various security tools such as IPS/IDS, network firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and email content filtering.

Operation of an advanced threat management solutions should be just as effective as the solution’s capabilities. Many solutions providers offer an integrated threat management platform; however, to truly realize Manage Defense threat operations, we include security experts dedicated to advanced response, proactive measures, and integration into your unique processes and network with your goals in mind.

If the system is not installed and configured appropriately if patches and upgrades are not deployed in a timely manner, and if security events are not monitored vigilantly by skilled security experts, it can become ineffective protections with no return on investment.

Praetorian Secure’s services reduce your administrative burden and provide advanced protection against ever-changing security threats by administering and monitoring your Threat Management infrastructure 24×7.

Praetorian Secure's Threat Management Solutions

  • Offer a dashboard that clearly shows the overall operations and critical events.
  • alerts and action needed with customization ease for monitoring.
  • Robust queries that may be predefined by the managed security defense provider or ad hoc queries defined security provider.
  • Ability to throttle traffic or reallocate processing capability to prioritize traffic or functions.
  • Defined role-based access controls with the ability to manage user accounts.
  • Support for multiple concurrent sessions to manage and monitor the device and events.
  • Advanced metrics and reports that highlight the overall effectiveness of each security defense.
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Our advanced security engineering team using the latest in industry approved tools, Praetorian Secure provides our customers with a cost-saving approach for tackling the most difficult of security tasks. Gone are those days of scheduling difficulties with 3rd-party vendors and tasking your internal team with unattainable security goals.

We work with our clients to provide you with the capability for high-quality testing whenever you need. Call us today at +1 (855) 519-7328 to schedule a free phone consultation and to learn more about a variety of IT Security services provided by Praetorian Secure.

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