Web application Scanning has become a popular business solution for a variety of problems. Unfortunately, the growth of these web applications has made them a popular target for attacks. Praetorian Secure understands the benefits these applications provide to your business and offers solutions that will detect a variety of vulnerabilities in your application.

Aside from our On-Demand Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning, Praetorian Secure offers customizable and easy-to-follow web application scanning solution and scalable security program that fit your exact business needs. Feel free to contact us here or by phone at +1 (855) 519-7328 to learn more. Below you can see some of the various services we offer in regard to web applications.

Praetorian Secure's Web Application Scanning Services

  • Penetration Test web applications for vulnerabilities
  • Automate the web application scanning process with scheduling
  • Test applications in the development environment
  • Application discovery and cataloging
  • Identify OWASP Top Ten Risks
  • Customized reporting
Web Application Scanning

Using our experience in the cybersecurity field complemented by various software tools that allow us to provide your organization with the necessary resources to implement a value-added solution. Our team has experience with small and large organizations in various industries with a variety of subscription plans to meet any business size. We work with our customers to ensure they stay on track when implementing their new web application scanning solution.

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